Bizloan: Transaction Based Loans for the Sustained Growth of MSMEs

Vikram Diwan
Quick and easy access to finance serves to be the primary critical parameter for the growth of Indian MSMEs. This also explains how this very factor can be an obstacle to the growth of a segment that contributes fairly to the economy and employment of the country. Bizloan, in a manner of connecting the dots by using ‘Follow the Money’ principle, provides finance to such MSMEs on the basis of their transactions. The Non-Banking Finance Company, covers the entire chain from Manufacturer to Distributor to Dealer/ Retailer and provides finance for all working capital needs from raw material procurement to stocking up the finished goods. To MSME’s surprise, processing of transactions is completely digitized and the loan approval is not dependent on collateral security.

Girish Chawla
A majority of financial service providers lack effective systems or practices to accurately and efficiently assess the small business risks and seamlessly conduct lending activities, there by further contributing to the uneven distribution of credit. Moreover, a huge portion of such lenders use only the quantitative information of the customers to assess their eligibility. Extensive experience in this segment and regular interactions with MSMEs, enlightened Bizloan to understand that for assessment of credit risk, qualitative information about the customer is just as important as quantitative in-formation provided by the financial documents. The company therefore developed a credit risk assessment model that uses both quantitative and qualitative data to score a customer. This model has been further converted into a simple online application screening process allowing the customer to check the eligibility on a real time basis. It cannot get any easier, as one can simply visit the firm’s web portal, fill in some basic details and get to understand the loan eligibility. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.

On a similar account, tedious documentation, in addition to ambiguous rules and non-transparency in the whole process that
a customer faces with banks, have gotten the MSMEs to lose focus on their core business and instead run around for credit or funds. As mentioned earlier, Bizloan's online eligibility check and digitized credit assessment allows customers access to funds much faster. It’s further effortless for transaction based loans, as the customers are provided a login ID to use Bizloan’s Loan Processing System for uploading the transaction documents and getting the funds transferred in their account.

Rahul Jain

Bizloan’s online eligibility checkand digitized credit assessment allows customers access to funds much faster

Having spent almost 20 years each in MSME lending space and understanding the hardships faced by the MSMEs to get financial assistance from banks, 4 bankers came together to establish a venture came to be known as Bizloan. These 4 bankers are Abhishek Mishra, Girish Chawla, Rahul Jain and Vikram Diwan. Every individual’s expertise in the segment has enabled the organization to develop easier products and processes for this segment with the use of innovative technology. Besides, the long-standing relationship with a large number of Small & Medium entrepreneurs, allows Bizloan to reach the MSMEs in their chain of operations (Buyers/Suppliers). The RBI registered NBFC started operations in December 2017 and has 3 offices in Bangalore, Gurugram and Mumbai respectively.

Abhishek Mishra