EzeePay: Just the Right Set of mCommerce Payment Products for the Indian Market

Velayudam Murugan, MD

Increasing customer expectations for value-added services, quadrupled competition due to the emergence of Fintech,new payments-enabling technologies,and the dynamic regulatory landscape have led to the development of an open and collaborative payments ecosystem. Chennai headquartered, EzeePay services have started with intent to provide true mobile which includes financial and non-financial transactions alike. Established in Services Private Limited focuses on revolutionary payments Payments products in the Indian markets and now is one of the leading mobile payment service providers through EzeePay Mobile payment platform. Besides focusing on Financial Inclusions, EzeePay prioritizes its concentration on ‘what’s and ‘how’s of the features to be offered. Basically, he company works towards elevating customer convenience coupled with transparent, secure and easy access for paying bills, thereby increasing customer experience and gratitude towards Mobile payment. Driven by a group of IT veterans with over 20 years of cross industry experience commerce. However, truth be told, customers to make informed decisions EzeePay delivers technology in a diverse range of services including Recharge, Utility Bill Payments, and Ticket Booking.

Two Exceptional Innovations
Velayudam Murugan Managing Director at EzeePay tells that India is in the cusp of ‘scale’phase, where by consumer adoption to mobile payment is happening at a rapid phase, while the ‘Transform’ phase is just about begin. Amidst these paradigm shifts, EzeePay has already started the journey towards the transform phase,and will be rolling
out two key features-Blockchainased wallet and Voice Enabled Payments. The blockchain enabled wallet will deal with non-crypto wallet storing key aspects in a secured way, and offering validation services in real-time. Voice Enabled Payments is designed while keeping in mind the low-literate consumers to complete the transactions via voice commands, there by increasing the sophistication.

EzeePay has already started shifting their focus on the R&D in order to provide innovative mobile wallet services services services

A good number of domain players are struggling to thrive in the payment space and are diverting their focus on capitalizing on the existing urban consumers on the mobile commerce. However, truth be told, without innovative technologies that can work in adverse conditions like minimum connectivity, taking huge leaps will not really yield desired level of profits for the Fintechs. EzeePay has already started shifting their focus on the R&D in order to provide innovative mobile wallet services, with steady consumer adoptions. This being the phase 1 of the blueprint, Phase 2 EzeePay will focus on providing many disruptive technology drivers in Mobile Wallet,and will be tapping the investments with the objective to ensure superior value for the investors. Presently, m-commerce platform provides more than 400+ services under one single umbrella.

As mentioned earlier, this mobile payment solution provider has few extraordinary innovations in line tobe rolled out like HFI based Mobile Wallet, Voice Enabled Transaction engine and Blockchain. In the years to come, EzeePay will be working exclusively on the ‘Inclusion’, enabling customers to make informed decisions all throughout.