Tavaga: Bringing the Advantages of Financial Robo-Advisory in the Indian Investment Culture

Nitin Mathur & CEO

The road to online investment advice and distribution is untraveled. The current demographic trends point towards a strong growth in customer pain points for convenience, trust, bias and lack of transparency; these need to be addressed at the earliest. Headquartered in Mumbai, Tavaga offers an innovative technology interface for investors through their mobile application. Tavaga presents its services as an alternative to mutual funds, mutual fund aggregated robo advisory start-ups and traditional savings instruments. It empowers its retail investors by giving them access to the same technology, processes,advice and investment products as those used by professional investment funds. Primarily,the startup aims to empower its investors by helping them save more efficiently through goal-based investing, via Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Because Transparency and Efficiency is the Key to Safe Investment
Being a personal investment management platform, Tavaga’s vision is to cater to its investors’ through transparent and efficient investing. Through their focus on customized advice and goal-based investing, investors can access the investment products most suited to their requirements. Saving to meet certain goals is the factor driving every investment. While seam-less user experience should take the center stage, current MF consultants concentrate on peddling investors with complex products that do not make savings any easier. However, with strong emphasis on transparency, Tavaga ensures that the investor always knows and is focused on how far they are from
achieving their goal. The company proposes low cost products as an efficient way for the retail investor to realize better returns in the long term, without being burdened by the implications of costs which the investor is not equipped to entirely understand. The use of a customized Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs)portfolio is prudent while providing financial ad vice for the core investment needs of a wide range of investors. This is evident from the global supremacy of ETFs,and soaring AUMs in the ETF industry world-wide. Tavaga aims to communicate the advantage of these portfolios over one-size-fits-all, expensive products such as Mutual Funds, especially over the long term and over multiple market cycles.

Tavaga presents its services as an alternative to mutual funds, mutual fund aggregated robo-advisory start-ups and traditional savings instruments

“Tavaga intends to create a range of investment products that will cater to all the segments between‘Richer HNIs’ and ‘Aspirers’”, stated Nitin Mathur, CEO, Tavaga. Given that, this puts the total target market for Tavaga, at around 100+ million house-holds, while the market addressable through online (app and web) channel would be about 40 million households.

Tavaga has tied up with Edelweiss, a leading broker with a Pan-India presence, implying that the startup has access to the best in class compliance practices. There fore, along with transparency and efficiency, security is a guarantee as well. With an idea and approach so clean and unique, Tavaga is set to bring financial robo advisory in mainstream India. The company also intends to introduce the powerful advantages of ETFs to the average Indian investor.