Capital Quotient: Unbridled Access to Financial Advice for Everyone

Of all the decisions that business executives must make none is more challenging - and none has received more attention - than choosing among alternative capital investment opportunities. What makes this kind of decision so demanding? It is certainly not the problem of projecting return on investment under any given set of assumptions. The difficulty is in the assumptions and in their impact. Based out of Bangalore, Capital Quotient is a powerful platform based on a planning-first approach that aims to make India more financially independent with key focus on enabling the enterprises to keep pace with their investments and financial goals.

Gradually Enhancing the Financial Recommendations
“We believe that the trust built with the customer can take us a long way and that is how we have been operating ever since our inception”, says Sousthav Chakrabarty, Co-Founder and CEO, Capital Quotient. Capital Quotient’s platform is built based on voluntary disclosure. Unlike contemporary providers who gather a lot of personal information which the business owner hesitates to provide in the beginning due to the trust factor, Capital Quotient’s platform is devised to take a gradual approach. Not all of it at once but every time the user discloses information, the recommendation/plan of the system becomes more tailored to suit the user. The company deploys standard practices, i.e. every customer is on a private server behind a firewall, with multi-factor authentication. This Financial Planning First approach ensures that the plan becomes the fundamental pillar on which all future analysis, advisory and real-time monitoring is based. This builds discipline, harmony and direction which helps in fulfilling the business owner’s goals. Based on autonomous learning and Capital
Quotient’s own core strength in financial advisory, the platform automatically creates goals, assigns investments to specific goals, and recommends new investments basis deep analytics, keeping the overall risk appetite in mind. The ML system learns the behaviour of people gradually. It does so, on a geographical basis, given the different standardized goals belonging to different cities based on the per capita income. Daily real time analytics helps create a curated list of investments, which are analyzed daily so that you get the best recommendations on fresh investments, as well as regular hygiene checks on your existing investments.

Currently, Capital Quotient is further working towards providing the collaborative side of personal finances

The financial world is not unaware of the under served segment. And it is only growing. More so, there is also a segment of corporate that is fairly new to the investment domain. Capital Quotient makes sure that the ease of access to its platform becomes a compelling reason for a majority of such under served people to come forward, use their technology and aspire to be financially free.

Any investment being currently managed by a bank /advisor/wealth management firm can be added to the user’s financial plan and linked to a goal. No migration is necessary. The user can also include any type of asset, be it illiquid, physical or alternate, to get a holistic view of the overall investment holdings. “We make an entire gamut of investment avenues available in one single platform”, adds Sousthav Chakrabarty.

Currently, Capital Quotient is further working towards providing the collaborative side of personal finances. This will enable users to share their insights and experiences of certain products, further allowing other users to get a deeper understanding of the product and make more informed decisions. The idea is to provide unbridled access to financial advice and that will remain Capital Quotient’s primary goal.