Crelytics: Lowering processing time and operational costs through AI-ML powered Fintech platform

CIO Vendor The global FinTech market is estimated to reach USD 679.9 billion by 2025. The major factors driving this market include the growing digital transformation in the banking industry and rising demand for smart mobile devices and digital banking services among consumers. The digital revolution across the globe has changed the banking landscape as well as customer behaviour and expectations. Clients today are looking for Fintech platforms that lower the processing time and provide their customers with better insights.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Crelytics offers a Fintech platform that not only lowers the processing time and operational costs using AI-ML powered adaptive workflows but also provides customers with better analytics and richer insights. This platform is built by domain experts in financial risk. This platform also provides predictive analytics and acts as a Fintech OS for Plug-and-Play workflows, Digital Lending, rule automation, customer scoring and risk management.

Pre-configured workflows, Plug-play APIs and Financial Transaction Analytics
The Fintech platform of Crelytics comprises pre-configured workflows, Plug-and-play APIs and SDKs which enables friction-less user journeys and superior data collection. The decision Engine of this platform facilitates flexible self-service rule and rulebased decisions that map to complex process flows.

Trusted by reputed global brands, the company serves the largest of banks to the most traditional ones. Crelytics has analysed 1036244 transactions and scored for customer insights. 102351 customer applications were analyzed on the platform, with 56 financial workflows pre-configured on it.

The company provides Platform as a service, infrastructure as a service - to the consumer-facing fintech players in the financial services ecosystem, enabling them to rapidly scale up. Crelytics infrastructure saves lengthy and iterative process of integrations with many modern public and
proprietary Application Programming Interfaces (API), which allows the clients to focus on their core offerings and cater to their consumers faster. This differentiates Crelytics from the other players.

“We give the power to the clients. We give them the right tools - a workflow engine with which they can configure their own attributes and their process flows, which is extremely adaptable,” says Abhijit Onkar, CEO of Crelytics. “At present, we are serving for around 56 different financial service use cases coming from the largest of private banks, loan distribution agencies, microfinance firms and others. And we look forward to adding more use cases soon,” he adds.

We give the power to the clients. We give them the right tools - a workflow engine with which they can configure their own attributes and their process flows, which is extremely adaptable.

Early warning system delivery
The Early Warning System of Crelytic’s FinTech platform delivers powerful early warning notifications to keep financial risks at bay. Based on attributes that are configured within the platform, the company offers the solution as both platforms and in the form of integrations depending on each/unique requirements of the client. Once it is configured as per the client’s requirements, notifications are sent to the mobile, e-mail, Slack etc.

The founding team of Crelytics has around 25 plus years of strong domain experience in the financial sector. The company has built and sold solutions to banks, fortune 100 Financial services firms and has rendered advisory services to C-level executives. The management team of Crelytics also has expertise in building banking technologies at Infosys and lending processes for Tata Capital.

Currently, the company is serving India and the US market. Moving ahead, the company is planning to serve various other markets, globally.