SafexPay: Powering the Digital Payment Infrastructure for Businesses Across the Globe

CIO Vendor The digital world is growing at a monumental pace, where consumers and businesses alike are switching over from the traditional method of payment by cash to digital modes through payment gateways. Several business enterprises which include IT companies, start-ups, FinTech players and banks have welcomed the new transformation where payments are disbursed digitally in the form of expenses, reimbursements, pay-outs, and a lot more. Therein lies huge potential in India as organizations have started to transact online. Observing the prevailing trends in the market, motivated Ravi Gupta, a veteran himself in the payment domain with 10 plus years of solid expertise to create a platform level play, where anyone and everyone, can come and initiate their business transactions.

Set-up in the year 2017, SafexPay offers a digital journey where businesses can come, register themselves and start collecting or handing out the pay-outs to its clients with a goal life timeframe of 2 hours up to a timeframe of 7 days for platform go-live. Serving as a B2B platform, SafexPay provides an efficient and hassle-free digital journey to WhitelabelPayment Aggregation platforms, Banking Platforms, Payout Platforms, and SME based mobile apps. The platform offers a unique combination of a platform level play with faster-go-live, and a completely automated digitized process giving it an edge.

From a products’ point of view, SafexPay’s unique banking platform offers neo-
banking platform which has the ability to digitize the overall end-to-end journey from issuing the card, opening the Bank accounts, doing the payouts for customers and different value-added services. SafexPay also provides a payout platform to corporates for conducting their reimbursements, expenses and payouts to its customers. Furthermore, the company’s SME based platform allows users to collect their payments through various social media sites, wherein the payment links can be posted over LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

SafexPay aims to target all the 60 million SMEs based in India, and approximately 100 million SMEs which are located in Asia

The Road Map Ahead
Being a 3.5-year-old Profitable FinTech startup, SafexPay has enjoyed a healthy growth trajectory over the years which reached its ultimate highs of almost 500 percent during the COVID months having growth of 5 times. Ravi Gupta and his core team of product managers and engineers have spearheaded the successful evolution of a FinTech startup backed by minuscule initial investments. For the immediate upcoming future, Ravi Gupta reiterated his plans to increase engagement of SafexPay’s platform level play with more brands, and into more geographies.

In addition, the team of experts at SafexPay are working on the development of an integrated SME based platform where users can have their own white label experience in less than 5 minutes. Through this product, SafexPay aims to target all the 60 million SMEs based in India, and approximately 100 million SMEs which are located in Asia.